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Australian Earthmoving Magazine celebrates with EAA

Posted on 10 November 2017
Australian Earthmoving Magazine celebrates with EAA


It's always a huge milestone when any company reaches its 1 year anniversary in business. Just 12 months, 365 days ago, Earthmoving Attachments Australia opened its doors, set all systems go and launched into action. What an impressive journey it has been. We have had the joy to watch this company grow into a successful, inspiring business in this very competitive industry.

In just a short amount of time EAA have earned exclusive access to only the very best brands from the world's leading manufactures including Auger Torque, Weber MT, UHK & Coneqtec Universal, just to name a few. In under 12 months EAA have been able to support their customers Australia-wide, opening 5 branches across the East Coast.

EAA set themselves apart from the rest with their desire to find the right solution for the end user, providing specialist advice and extensive knowledge of all brands and colours. Unlike most web-based sellers that will sell it and forget it EAA stands by their products and can guarantee the best prices and service available. The team listens to the customers' needs and carefully selects the right tool for the job, picking only the best possible solution and not just what they can get their hands on.

As we look back, we notice an incredible growth in all that EAA has accomplished in the first year. Like all start-ups, you must learn fast, advance fast, and ultimately, must remember why you're working on your vision. EAA will continue to grow their products, offering only very best in earthmoving attachments for many years to come. There is a very long future ahead of EAA and we are excited to watch their journey progress even more in the future.

"It feels like just yesterday we launched the business. We cannot be more proud of our team and all that we have accomplished so far. There have been a few hurdles that we have had to overcome but the hard work has paid off, and we can't be happier to support our customers."

Need attachments? Earthmoving Attachments Australia can help you find the right solution for your business, contact 1800 288 224 or visit: www.eaaustralia.net.au


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