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TRV220 Hydraulic Plate Compactor

TRV220 Hydraulic Plate Compactor

Suit 18T - 26T Excavator / Backhoe

For The Perfect Compaction


  • Impact force: 15 Ton
  • Impact rate: 2,000 bpm
  • Operating pressure: 170~220
  • Oil flow: 120-170 L/pm
  • Operating weight: 1,060 kg
  • Plate Dimension: 1,350mm x 900 mm


DemoTech Safety

DemoTech's versatile plate compactors can work productively virtually anywhere your excavator or backhoe boom can reach: in trenches, over and around pipe, or to the top of piling and sheet pile. It can work next to foundations, around obstructions, and even on steep slopes or rough terrain where conventional rollers and other machines either can't work or would be hazardous to try.



12 Month DemoTech factory warranty

Price: $17,900 + GST

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