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DemoTech TRSG140 Rotating Grab
$ 22,000.00 AUD
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DemoTech TRSG140 Rotating Grab


DemoTech TRSG140R Rotating Grapple

Excellence In Performance

9 - 13 Ton Excavtors


Key Features

  • High-pressure cylinders to ensure secure grip on any load
  • Equipped with swing bearing to absorb shock in collision
  • High grade steele increasing lifetime with superior abrasion resistance
  • Safety check valve to prevent tyne release during application


Operating Weight: 850 kgs
Max. Opening Width: 1700mm
Overall Height With Jaw: 1400mm
Cylinder Oil Pressure: 150~200 bar / 2175-3190 psi
Required Oil Flow: 90~120 L/pm
Cylinder Setting Pressure: 250 bar

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