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Terms and Conditions of our Special Orders Service

Earthmoving Attachments Australia is pleased to supply you with goods on the basis of the following:

Quotes & Estimates

Unless the quotation/estimate specifies otherwise, it is valid for 30 days and for the full quantity only. The quote/estimate supersedes all previous quotes/estimates. If you wish to change your order or product specifications before delivery, a requote will be provided. We will be bound to supply you the Goods when Earthmoving Attachments Australia accepts your order (but not before), and you will then be bound to pay for them. Delivery is within 30 days of us accepting the order except where we advise you otherwise.


For retail customers (i.e. you do not have an account with Earthmoving Attachments Australia) then the following require payment in full when you place your order: purchases under $500; direct deliveries from our suppliers; custom made products; and services. Purchases over $500 require a deposit of $500 when you place the order, and the balance is payable before the Goods are collected or delivered. Personal cheques are not accepted for amounts equal to or greater than $10,000.

If you are a Commercial customer (i.e. you have an account with Earthmoving Attachments Australia), Earthmoving Attachments Australia's Terms and Conditions of Supply on Credit apply. Short payment of any invoice is not permitted.

Delivery (if applicable)

A charge for delivery to your home or premises will apply. Earthmoving Attachments Australia will give you an estimated delivery date/time in good faith, but we are unable to accept liability for delay in delivering the goods which is beyond our reasonable control (eg. if stock is unavailable). You must ensure there is clear and safe access for delivery. Please ensure there is a person present at the delivery premises who is authorised by you to accept delivery. If there is not, you authorise us to deliver the Goods anyway (if we consider it is safe and appropriate to do so). If the delivery contractor arrives at the agreed time but is unable to deliver the Goods or considers that it is unsafe or inappropriate to do so, you may be required to pay for re-delivery later. You must ensure you have the appropriate handling equipment (i.e lifting straps, forklift etc.) to remove the goods from the delivery vehicle. Earthmoving Attachments Australia will be not accept liability for any additional costs associated with the removal of goods from the delivery vehicle. Some Goods may require extra delivery personnel which may incur an additional charge. We will deposit your Goods at ground level at the delivery premises unless you have arranged otherwise with us. The Goods are at your risk after delivery. For Commercial customers liability for damage to any property occurring in the course of delivery will not be accepted.


If Goods are being collected, please collect them within 10 days (Commercial customers) or 30 days (retail customers) after we inform you that they are ready for collection. If you do not, then unless

you make arrangements with us for late collection, we will assume you have cancelled your order. This means we may re-sell the Goods and you may forfeit any deposit or payment you have made. We may need to verify your identity upon collection.

Fit & Commissioning

Earthmoving Attachments Australia will offer customers free fitting and commissioning of items purchased within a 50km radius of any one of our 4 branches. Earthmoving Attachments Australia will deliver this service within 1 week of delivery as and when required.


We will endeavour to resolve any problems quickly after notification. Earthmoving Attachments Australia warrants that the Goods are fit for their usual purpose and are free of defects. Retail customers are also entitled to statutory consumer guarantees, including that the goods are "acceptable quality". You should ensure that the Goods are suitable for your specific purpose.

For Commercial customers, Earthmoving Attachments Australia's liability is limited to refunding the price or replacing or repairing the Goods (at our option) and we exclude liability for indirect or consequential loss (eg. contractor time on site). We will not be liable for damage, loss or injury suffered as a result of any person failing to follow instructions relating to the Goods, modifying them, failing to appropriately maintain or store them or using them for an unintended purpose. Commercial customers must inspect the Goods upon taking delivery and any shortage, discrepancy, defect, wrong specification or similar problem must be notified to Earthmoving Attachments Australia as soon as you become aware of it, and in any event within 7 days of delivery (otherwise we will not be liable for that problem later).

Cancellation & Returns

We will endeavour to assist you if you wish to cancel your order or return Goods unused for retail customers please see the returns policy on our website. Some Goods, including custom made Goods are non-returnable unless a warranty or guarantee is breached (further information can be found here). Commercial customers may be required to pay for loss we incur as a result (for example, handling/transport costs or any re-stocking fee charged by our suppliers).


Earthmoving Attachments Australia collects your personal information here to allow us to supply you with goods or services. We will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose. Our Privacy Policy can be found here. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

These terms and conditions apply to the exclusion of all others.

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